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Maintenance tasks for your chimney and fireplace

The chimney

With normal use of your fireplace, your chimney will need sweeping once or even twice a year.
If you have a wood burning stove, the flue pipe between stove and chimney will need sweeping with a flue brush.
If you have any L or Tee bends make sure soot is cleaned out from the bends as well.


The fire place

The fireplace itself will need checking -

Does the grate need replacing?
Does the fret need the surface touched up?
(Please use the same procedure for the fireplace surround.) Does the grate need re-placing?
Is the hearth intact?


The fireplace setting

You might also take this opportunity to consider the overall fireplace situation. Have you got your wood & coal store in the most practical place?

Have you got suitable storage for your wood & coal near the fireplace setting? Are your tools in good working order, and is your hearth solid?

Now you can take a step back & admire your fire place setting..
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