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Do all my fireplaces use the same chimney?
Do all my fires use the same chimney?

Fireplace FAQ - I have lots of fireplaces in my house, do they all use the same chimney?

No, every fireplace should have it's own separate chimney. If they do share the same chimney then they will not draw as well, especially if you are using both at once. But more importantly, the unused fireplace can leak dangerous fumes and CO2 into the room. Generally, in houses with many fireplaces, the chimneys for each fireplace run up the chimney breast. They then bend in to the centre of the chimney breast to connect to the fireplace, then move out of the way again, to make way for the next fireplace, and it's chimney. You can determine which fireplace uses which chimney by lighting a smoke pellet in the fireplace, and then watching from the roof to see which chimney the smoke comes from (a two man job!).

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