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Stoves and flue pipe

Stoves, flue pipe, chimney liner, installation design and a lot of advice

Stovesonline has a nice range of woodburning and multifuel stoves in various styles. You can even take a picture of your room, load it up onto the site and then see what a stove will look like in your room.

The site has information on the various types of single skin stove flue pipe as well as twin wall insulated flue systems. There is also information on lining your chimney including a guide on how it should be done.


A unique feature is the installation design service - chimney and flue installations are complex enough as it is, even without the regulations that must be adhered to. Give Stovesonline a few details and measurements and one of their designers will design your installation for you. They can also guide the installer through the job.


There is also an online searchable database of firewood suppliers and chimney sweeps. 


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