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Flue Brushes

To keep your stove working well you need to brush your chimney at least once a year.

These flue brushes are designed to brush the flue pipe between the stove and the register plate.
They will not be suitable to brush the whole of your chimney.
Please only attempt to brush your own flue or chimney if you know how to do it. If you get the brushes stuck half-way up or collapse the chimney breast you will have a lot of trouble on your hands.


The flue-brushes are available in 5 different sizes.

A. Length 3' Diameter 2" (915mm x 50mm)
B. Length 3' Diameter 4" (915mm x 100mm)
C. Length 4' Diameter 4" (1220mm x 100mm)
D. Length 5' Diameter 4" (1525mm x 100mm)