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Liner and twin wall flue brushes

Extra bendy nylon sweeping rods with matching nylon sweeping brushes. These chimney sweeping brushes are designed for sweeping chimney liners as well as twin wall flue systems. The extra bendy rods can easily get past bends in the liner or bends in a twin wall system. 45 degree bends are no problem - traditional rods can end up damaging sharp bends as they are just not bendy enough.The nylon brushes can only be used with the nylon rods as the screw thread on the rod is not compatible with standard brushes.

Please be aware, the fittings on our Ultraflex rods and brushes have recently changed from a single-pin with thread fitting, to a double-pin, push fitting, no thread.  The new style rods and brushes are not compatible with the old style.

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