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Fire trims

Fire trims add a frame to a fireplace opening giving a finished appearance to your fireplace. Fire trims come in a variety of different finishes to match your stove.

Standard fire trims come in sizes to fit standard 16" or 18" Milner firebacks.

There are four different finishes for you to choose from: brass, polished stainless steel, black or black and brass.  These trims have a lip on the back as part of the fixing.  These fire trims are not suitable for fires that use a clip on or magnetic fire trim.


We can now supply Custom Made Fire Trims in polished stainless steel, black or brass.  Please email us at: specifying the width and the height of your fireplace opening (in millimetres), and the finish you require.  We will come back to you within 48 hours with a quote. As a guide, prices range from £150 for custom fire trims.

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