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£165.00 inc VAT

The FlammenPilot is a deceptively clever device which monitors the fire in your woodburning stove and tells you when it is the ideal time to load more wood on the fire. You place the FlammenPilot within 5m and facing the stove. It has an infra red sensor which watches the progress of the fire as it burns. Once the fire has dropped to a level of good embers the FlammenPilot gives an audible signal to prompt you to load more logs on. Tap the button on the top to halt the signal and put some more logs in.


Alternatively if you decide that it is time to let the fire die down then it is a signal to tell you to shut the air vents down a little (if you have not already done so - but remember not to completely close them off) to help retain more heat in the stove.


By refuelling at optimum times you can save a lot of fuel and this will also help to reduce emissions. With our busy modern lifestyles it is also really handy way to make sure that you do not let the stove go out. How many times have you left it a little too long and had to light the fire again? No more with the FlammenPilot.


Available in a black or natural wood finish as standard (in white as a special order) the FlammenPilot is elegantly and simply designed, making for the ideal present for someone who owns a stove.

Product Dimensions: (L) 120mm (W) 120mm (H) 120mm


Usually ships in: 5-10 days